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I am a public servant now semi-retired and living on the Welsh/Shropshire borders in a rural village. My passion for photography has grown over the years, starting when my grandfather lent me an old Box Brownie when I was knee high to a grass hopper.  I progressed from that through the Kodak Instamatic stage, then on to other film slrs e.g. Canon EOS 10 with its gimmicky settings reader, on to a Canon A1 and slowly to DSLRs.  I am a Nikon shooter now and have the D850 (which is a wonderful camera) and a Z6ii which I love.

I hope I have now reached a time in life I can begin to indulge my hobby more and more.  I love Wales and it’s stunning ruggedness industrial heritage and its beauty.  This wonderful country is on my doorstep.  However, I am also hopelessly in love with the stunning snowscapes of the high Arctic my portfolio heavily reflects these loves. As my photographic journey continues why not follow my pages and future adventures?

Please note that with the exception of photos of people, all my photos are for sale - £110 for a signed 12 inches x 18 inches framed print or £40 for a high resolution digital download.  Contact me to discuss your needs further.